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How To Fix A Broken Flat Screen

Having a cracked TV screen may be everyone’s worst nightmare. It takes only a few pounds of pressure to crack a television screen internally; a trivial act of carelessness at home, resulting in cracking of one of your most pricey household appliances. Some common causes for damaged TV screens include: dropping the TV on the ground, throwing an object like a TV remote on the television screen, or improper handling of the TV either by holding it by the screen instead of the base. When a television screen is cracked, you will see black streaks and splotches, large white regions and sometimes colored lines and areas. If the worst case scenario has ensued, and your TV has a huge crack running across the screen (or a minor hairline fracture), this article will elucidate what the financial implications are likely to be.

If a problem arises and you are out of your warranty, screen repair can cost as much as a new television. It is important to note that a warranty will not cover accidental damage unless one specifically bought that option from the store. The cost of repairing your TV screen will largely depend on the type of TV that you have. There’re several different types; LED (Liquid Crystal Display with LED-backlighting in place of the cold-cathode technique in use by traditional LCD Televisions), Plasma (which employs inert gases to emit pictures on the screen), and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Televisions.


LED televisions are one of the most costly designs, and can be equally costly to repair. If a crack or scratch appears, the usual cost of repair is around 85% of the original cost of the TV (as new). This translates to $200 to $400. The main reason for the high cost involved is mainly due to the fact that the TV screen itself cannot be simply repaired, but it’ll need to be replaced. This is a complex process for the repairman and a costly repair for you as the owner to fund. Sadly, it may make more financial sense to purchase a new LED television. You could also check out your manufacturer's warranty, home insurance policy, or store bought insurance cover to see whether you are covered

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The damage here largely depends on the extent of the crack. In case the fracture is deep seated, the gas may have already escaped from between the 2 glass panels comprising your Plasma TV screen. In the event that this has ensued, your Plasma TV will no longer be able to project images. In case the damage is considerable, you will have to replace your television, because Plasma screens cannot be repaired once the trapped gases have disseminated. On the other hand, if the crack is minor, and the Plasma gases don’t yet appear to have escaped, you can stick a Sellotape section over the glass screen, and don’t use your TV until you can take it to be repaired. In case you cannot arrange a repair in a short space of time, filling in the cracks by blobbing petroleum jelly onto a paintbrush and then painting them over the splits; this will help stop the damage from worsening and temporarily solve the problem. You can tell whether gas has began or is still escaping through feeling around the cracked area; If it does feel wet or cold, then this is a clue that gas is seeping out. Average TV repair costs are around $500 or more, and when you begin repairing the new plasmas this price will go up.


With LCD screens; you have a good prospect that the set can be repaired as LCD technology involves fitting a plastic screen between glass sections. If the plastic TV screen itself has been fractured, it is possible to have it replaced at a comparatively minor cost as compared to the overall cost of purchasing a new television. However, if the LCD is the part-damaged (as opposed to the plastic sheeting section) then the costs involved can be much greater. A cracked LCD screen can cost over $100 to repair.

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