How to Repair a Broken or Cracked TV Screen

How to Repair a Broken or Cracked LCD, LED, Plasma TV Screen

how to fix a cracked tv screenFlat panel screen technology played a great role in the manufacture of Plasma, LCD and LED TVs and this technology has made a great number of people to love them. However, they can break or crack easily. When this happens and the television does not any picture effects, you can successfully repair it your own because there are few independent companies that repair TV screens are very limited. Moreover, repairing the screen of these types of television on your own can be possible if the plasma does not drip from the television. Moreover, some individuals with LCD, LED and Plasma televisions assume that there are cheap as well as easy ways of replacing and repairing their broken or cracked screens.

On the contrary, some find it easier and cheaper to buy a new television than repairing the broken screen of television. Moreover, when the screen cracks, a gas can escape from the glass. When this happens to your screen, it is highly recommended that you should replace the screen instead of repairing it. Some people may also find it difficult to realize if the cracked or broken LCD, LED and Plasma screens have emitted the gas.

How to Know If the Gas Has Escaped From Your Broken Or Cracked Screen

Your television will still be in a position to work properly if there is a simple scratch on your screen. Moreover, the pictures will still appear. This will happen when the gas has not escaped from the screen. The simplest way of determining if the gas has escaped is when wetness can be felt where the crack has occurred on the screen. It is highly recommended that you should look for professional assistance if the gas has escaped your screen.

Do You Want LCD, LED And Plasma TV Screens?

If you are one of the individuals who prefer buying new television screen than repairing the cracked screen, it is recommended that you do some online research for you to find out the manufacturer together with the type of new screen that you would like to buy. There are support site that can be of great importance in helping you determine the kind of screen that you would prefer having. Contacting the manufacturers is also another important thing that offers you assistance in repairing the broken or cracked screens. Moreover, some of the television manufacturers can offer you assistance in determining where to buy the screen. These screens whether old or new can be bought online on eBay. Some vendors also go an extra mile to replace for you the cracked screens with the new screens. The manufacture will also help you understand the cost and the policies of repairing a broken screen. Fix Cracked LCD TV ScreenYou can purchase replacement LCD TV screens directly from the screen manufacturers. You will need to do a little research online to determine the manufacturer and model of your LCD TV screen. You should first start with the support sites of your TV make. You may also find that your TV manufacturer can offer advice on where to purchase a new screen. Old screens and TVs can often been found on eBay and Craigslist. If you are lucky you will find another individual who has a similar, broken TV with a sound LCD screen that can be used for parts. A number of vendors also offer replacement screens for sell on those two sites.
Once you have settled on repairing or replacing the broken screen, it is important that you should put that following steps into consideration to ensure that this process is successful. Moreover, the replaced screens from the manufacturers come with some information that will be of great help since they come with detail information that is needed in repairing the screen. The following are the steps that will offer you assistance in repairing your broken or crack television screen. • The first thing that you should do is to turn off the power, from the wall, to the television. Moreover, ensure that all other cables from devices that are connected to the television are removed. • On the broken screen, you are supposed to find the frame screw by removing the plastic cover of the screen. The screw should then be removed. Moreover, it is recommended that as you do this you should have someone to assist you in holding the television’s screen and the cover as the screws are being removed. • The frame should then be removed from the broken screen and be set aside gently. • The cables that run to the broken screen from the broken television should be removed and it is important to know how they are connected before you remove them. This will offer you assistance in reconnecting them later. • On the cracks, a thick coat of petroleum jelly should be applied. This should be done on again and the jelly is to be rubbed. If the screen had broken, you can replace it with a new one. Then, replace the cables together with fasteners appropriately and then turn on your screen. The following steps will offer you assistance in repairing your broken or cracked screens to ensure that enjoy watching your television. Thank you for visiting website about cracked TV screen

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