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The Cost Of Repairing TV Screen

Quite often a screen gets cracked and renders a TV less than usable. While this is less common with the advent of LCD screens, a crack is still a large problem. Because of this, a rather large sector dedicated to repairing these screens has come into being. However, the cost is often more than people are expecting to pay.
For smaller items, the cost is often well under $100 -$200 to repair a screen. If these TVs are of a high quality, this is often well worth the price. Repairing these items is often more economical than buying a new item.

Example: 50” Panasonic TV Screen Replacement:


Example: 70” Vizio TV Screen Replacement:


However, the larger the screen goes, the more expensive it is to repair. Once the 25″ mark has been achieved, it is often more expensive to replace a screen than to buy a new TV. However, in the case of higher priced electronics, this is not always the case. A general price range for larger screens is somewhere between $250-$500.
The price for repair depends on the model, size, and location of a given TV. Some TVs are easier to repair than others and will command a lower price.
One benefit to getting a repair is it often gives a new warranty to the product. This can be particularly helpful if the initial warrant covers the replacement. In this way an individual can get a new screen for a very minimal cost. In addition, a screen replacement warranty will cover the screen if it is broken again.
Overall, the price to repair an LCD TV screen is hard to pin down. However, the larger the size, the larger the bill. For small TVs, TVs under warranty, and more expensive TVs, replacement is a wonderful option. Getting an extended warranty with a repair is one of the many ways to protect one’s investment as well.


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